IT racks upgrade


Conteg would like to introduce new features and modifications. Our main new features are super-vented doors with unmatched 86% perforation and Safety Lift-Off hinges, which will be standard for the premium line series. These allow for tool-less door assembly/disassembly.

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CoolTeg Plus

After five years of selling side cooling units, Conteg is introducing a new generation of air-conditioning units to the market named CoolTeg Plus. These units are based on the newest energy-saving technologies, and their modern control systems are suitable for cooling server rooms and data centers. They are designed to fit perfectly between IT racks to keep conditions precisely right for your valuable IT equipment.

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CoolTeg Plus Touch Display

Our CoolTeg Plus cooling units include individual controllers inside for independent and perfect control of all parameters. To communicate with a data center supervisor or cooling specialist use the color touch screen.

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Conteg Pro Server

Management software for monitoring data center devices, including environmental devices. Manage access, video surveillance, monitoring devices and sensors. Multiple screens can show graphs, alarm and status on maps.

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New Access Control System

Centralized access control system based on RAMOS Ultra. Control and monitor all access to racks, cabinets and doors. Intelligent accessory system for easy assembly.

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