RAMOS Case study


Can you drive a car blindfolded? Or manage your life without looking around at your options first? No, not really. The same is true for someone who is trying to run the IT systems in a data center. They can’t do it blindly and will need to have current and accurate information before getting started. Based on these facts, the operator will be able to make sure the systems are running as smoothly and safely as possible. It can be risky to try and operate these systems without first knowing their status and history.
Our RAMOS systems come in three different models – RAMOS Ultra, RAMOS Optima and RAMOS Mini. Read our RAMOS case study to determine which one is best for you.

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All RAMOS Ultra packages (main units) now include one free “RMS-I-STHB” sensor, which can measure temperature and humidity.

Facelift CoolTeg Plus

Thanks to our clients’ suggestions and recommendations, as well as the hard work of our development team, we are pleased to present our new and improved CoolTeg Plus units. We introduced these cooling unit improvements into our production process in the first quarter of 2014. We can now say that all our units leaving the production line have a sleek new design and are equipped with competitive features. For more information, check out the list of improvements or contact us for additional details.

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New features for IT racks

Find the best IT enclosure for your ICT solution, sever room or data center! In our product portfolio, you can easily find the best rack to fit your requirements. Our IT racks are divided to three product lines – PREMIUM, OPTIMAL and iSEVEN. Our enclosures have 86% perforation and a 1,500 kg capacity. They also provide better protection against water and dust, thanks to their PUR seals. For the latest news and descriptions of our IT racks, check out our brochure “New features for IT Racks”. More detailed descriptions are available in our product catalogs.

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