Air Flow Optimization For In-Row Cooling Units CoolTeg Plus


Air-conditioning technology is becoming more and more important in data center planning as it has a significant influence on energy efficiency and operating costs. Modern air-conditioning technology provides a precisely tuned solution. It is important to know the air distribution requirements for your data center in order to install the right mechanical components to maintain the air flow. Choosing the correct mechanical parts, like deflectors and separators, is necessary for optimizing the power consumption of indoor cooling units during their lifetime.

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IT Rack Configurator

We would like to introduce our new IT rack configurator to you. This new tool allows you to design a rack the way you want it. Configure your choice from our RSF, RHF, ROF, RMF or RDF enclosure series, then choose a quote, and we will prepare an offer. This rules-based configurator ensures that the racks are created from appropriate, compatible parts and accessories. Review the instruction video or try your new configuration.

inTEG Compact Enclosures for all Environment

Our compact inTEG enclosures have a smooth design thanks to the latest laser-welding technology. The range includes powder-coated stainless steel enclosures as well as stainless steel enclosures for applications that need more protection from the environment. For food and chemical industry is to design inTEG WME-X. The inTEG WME-O is suited for smaller outdoor applications and can be situated on a pole or on the ground. It ideally complements the robust floor-standing outdoor cabinets outTEG.

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inTEG Outdoor Enclosures Datasheet RSG4 CZ Datasheet RSG4      

PREMIUM Server rack RSF

The PREMIUM Server rack RSF is our most adaptable rack and comes with many features. The rack is designed as a pure server cabinet for data centers, equipment rooms and network or telecommunication closets. RSF’s heavy-duty, all-welded design and 1,500 kg load rating means that it’s possible to accommodate heavy equipment within a standard rack footprint.

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Conteg Ready Rack

Ready Rack is a modern way to simplify the on-site installation of rack accessories. Ready Rack helps you to avoid unwanted waste disposal. Ready Rack prevents material from getting lost or broken. Ready Rack saves your time, and time is money.

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Conteg Ready Rack   Datasheet RSG4      

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