The virtual sensors in the RAMOS Ultra devices

The virtual sensors in the RAMOS Ultra device and CONTEG Pro Server application may monitor technologies that are able to communicate using SNMP or Modbus. The virtual sensors can also be used to monitor network devices and connections using "Ping " to ensure keep inform operators about the fault, failure, etc. You will be able to monitor all the important technologies in your data center or server room from one location. The virtual sensors equipped in these two solutions will make sure the technologies are running smoothly and will alert control outputs if there are any problems. Control outputs can take measures, thanks to pre-configured alarms, to correct any problem. These range from the most basic measures like an SNMP trap and Mail to more sophisticated actions like shutting down the server group controlled by Modbus, Relay, Skype, SMS and others.

Virtual sensors in RAMOS Ultra devices:

  • Up to 80 virtual sensors available
  • They can be individually set to read information using SNMP (v1, 2c and 3) or Modbus (TCP/IP and RTU) or programed with their own alarms and notifications
  • Virtual sensors also work with Boolean (for up to three sensors), Ping, a custom script or receiving traps
  • Allows you to monitor values and status of CoolTeg Plus cooling units, e.g. Manual.

CONTEG Pro Server virtual sensors:
  • Unlimited number of virtual sensors (not included with free license)
  • Monitors network devices using SNMP (v1, 2c and 3) a Ping function
  • Modbus TCP/IP is being prepared
  • Boolean is not limited by senor quantity

The CONTEG Pro Server application can now monitor intelligent sensors and is free with each RAMOS Ultra or Optima purchase. This also applies to customers who already have a RAMOS Optima or Ultra. The free license does not include virtual sensors which monitor third parties and therefore must be purchased separately.

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