CoolTeg Plus DXSmall Cooling Units

Conteg listens to its customers’ demands. Most of our clients have IT racks with inside heat loads of only 1 kW or 3 kW. They often looked in vain for a solution that fits their needs. We have come up with the perfect solution for them: No compromises, no imitations of office-cooling products, no primitive on-off systems, but a real IT air-conditioner with an inverter-driven compressor, EC fans and a high-end control system with user-friendly communication tools via a touch-screen display and remote control.

Last month we produced the first air-conditioning units for our new CoolTeg Plus DXSmall units in our factory. Thanks to these cooling units whose cooling capacity ranging from 3 kW to 7 kW per unit, our clients are already profiting from high energy efficiency and a comfortable environment for their IT equipment.

The inside components of our air-conditioning units are monitored and controlled by an independent system which uses Conteg's special algorithm. Our software has many new features that are very useful in modern data centers. Color touchscreens help personnel communicate with cooling units, while the standard integrated web server offers easy remote supervision from any location. A group of CoolTeg Plus units can be controlled with one display, which provides many zone functions. You can select the best solution for you.


We focused on ways to reduce energy consumption during the design process. A lot of fan and heat exchanger measurement tests were conducted to make sure we installed the most energy-efficient EC motors and aerodynamic features in our units. Our CoolTeg Plus units came in different types and sizes. CoolTeg Plus DXSmall units are based on the newest energy-saving technologies, and their modern control systems are suitable for cooling server rooms and data centers. They are designed to fit perfectly between IT racks to keep conditions precisely right for your valuable IT equipment.


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These flexible units are suitable for open architecture as well as closed IT racks. For more information see our Flysheet.

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