PDUs Suitable for Output of Rack Mountable UPS

CONTEG Basic Power Distribution Units (PDUs) can be applied in all mission-critical installations, while providing high level of safety and reliability.

With the use of 19" UPSs (Uninterruptible Power Supplies), there is often a need for a PDU (Power Distribution Unit) that can be directly connected to the rack mountable UPS. Below are several suitable PDUs for this purpose.

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19" Racks for SOHO Application

The SOHO racks in the ACP series are designed specifically for use in households and small offices. They are equipped with 4U extrusions for horizontally mounted equipment, while 2U extrusions are available for deeper, vertically mounted equipment. SOHO racks offer a basic level of access to the installed equipment through the front door.

These racks are suitable where a wide area needs to be covered by a low density computer network, such as in residential development.

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New Product Sales Catalog

Innovation and investment in new production technologies have allowed us to expand our product portfolio to include a new series of outdoor cabinets, outTEG, along with a new line of compact enclosures, inTEG, which are designed for use in industrial applications. Both new product lines satisfy the high demands and standards of this unique market segment. The breadth of our solutions makes us one of the leading companies in the industry.

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