19" Wall-mount Racks for SOHO Application

These racks are suitable where a wide area needs to be covered by a low density computer network, such as in residential development.

Wall cabinets are the ideal solution for building and developing IT-structured networks. In larger buildings with lower density networks, it is often technically difficult to build utility rooms for free-standing cabinets. Space is also limited. In such cases, 19 "wall cabinets are suitable. Depending on the required capacity and anticipated access to the rack, the client or integrator can choose from a wide range of options and sizes.

A separate variant of installation is for residential construction. Modern residential buildings provide water, electricity, gas, sewage, and basic computer infrastructure, but are not ideal for classic wall-mounted cabinets, which are too deep for residential applications. For this purpose we have developed a SOHO 19 rack, the ACP, available in both wall mount (ACP-OW) and in-wall mount (ACP-IW) variations.

Each allow for up to 100 ports of structured cabling and active components, in order to meet your communication needs. Both are popular solutions, in markets where Conteg is active, and many consumer reviews speak highly of them.

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