Modular Contained Aisle

Although it's the 21 century, old-fashioned data centers that don't follow the modern and economical standards of separating hot and cold zones still exist. Many enlightened operators and DC providers have taken steps to improve the efficiency of operation and the cost of cooling. Some of them have used our concept of the Modular Contained Aisle with positive results.

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HDWM High Density Wire Management

Space for cable routing is one of the largest problems customers encounter when installing their equipment. Conteg offers various cable management products to facilitate cable management in the front and rear of racks or open frames. High Density Wire Management (HDWM) products are designed for a variety of applications.

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IT Rack Configurator

Conteg offers many type of IT rack series which are suitable for all type of installation from a single rack to sophisticated data center. As our portfolio is so wide we decided to make your choice of IT racks easier and prepared a customer friendly on-line configurator. This tool allows you to design a rack the way you want it. This rules-based configurator ensures that the racks are created from appropriate, compatible parts and accessories. You can try our configurator on

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