Improvement of PREMIUM SERVER - RSF

For RSF, the PREMIUM Server, we have developed the next generation of extrusions.

This option will bring users these additional features:

  • Easy installation of 0U PDUs outside of 19 profile
  • Additional 24U of installation space for 800 mm wide racks (height 42U and more)
  • Sliding separation frame with 19 extrusions
  • A load rating of 1500 kg
  • Full compatibility with the cable management systems
  • 52U new enclosure's height now available
Based on both positive response and its many advantages, this option will be the new standard for all PREMIUM RSF Servers (letter A in the ordering code, for is the (example: RSF-42-60/10A). Of course, our other main types of the extrusions are also available:

Option Description
A 19" extrusions: 2 pairs; A-profile (600 mm) or A-profile (800 mm) with up to 3 x 2U additional 19" vertical positions per extrusion, without supporting holders in the middle
T L-type extrusions, rear pair divided - for racks 600mm wide only
U P-type extrusions, rear pair divided - for racks 800mm wide only, each extrusion with up to 3 additional 1U - 19" vertical positions

For those of you who would like to save space and money we are launching a cabinet with an unbeatable value RSF height 52U.

If you have any question don't hesitate to contact our pre-sales team.

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