Mini Data Center: Ready to Use R2U

Conteg is proud to announce the launch of a new product, Ready-to-Use (R2U), which consists of a rack for installation of IT components equipped with basic safety features, cooling, and monitoring. This 'micro server room' can be installed anywhere in your building, quickly and easily providing the correct environment for your IT equipment. Thanks to several variants and a wide range of accessories, the R2U arrangements are useful for all applications. This product consists of only high-end Conteg components specially assembled to meet the requirements of every client.

  • Quick Choice
  • Easy to Order
  • Fast Delivery
  • Simple Installation
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Ready to use R2U - Flyer Datasheet    

Warranty extension

Based on positive feedback, we have decided to extend the warranty period of our CoolTeg Plus and CoolTop air-conditioning unit lines for up to two years for all our clients, valid from the 1st of July 2015. Our products use only top-class components from world-renowned manufacturers. Our unique software ensures safe and smooth operation. The number of complaints in the last two years have been minimal, which has lead us to this client-friendly decision.

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New Configurator - Total Solutions for Data Centers

We have already added our Total Solution Configurator to the Conteg portfolio. This online tool helps you make your own DC, according to your needs. With it, you can add various types of racks with many accessories easily, configure the Data Center room set-up, cooling units, etc., and either save your configuration or send it as a quote. Try it here (Registration required)

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