Next Generation Extrusions default in RSF PREMIUM RACKS

After two years of experience with the next generation of extrusions, we’re proud to announce that our new extrusions have been accepted as the standard for many customers and users of our racks and accessories.
Thanks to this, we have reliable feedback and a valuable source of information. Any observations or remarks are appreciated, because they benefit our other customers.
The new generation of extrusions are now the standard for RSF racks, in which the customer can install other accessories (such as PDU) and manage cables without limitation. In combination with a separation frame, you can move extrusion positions slightly upon variable demands while the racks are in use.

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DS Next Gen Extrusions Datasheet

Conteg Services for Data Centers

CFD modeling is a technical service designed to provide the detailed data needed to assess and track the temperature and air flow within your existing (or proposed) data center, server room, or main equipment room. This service uses industry-proven CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software to provide full-color 3D visualizations of your ITS environment.

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NEW - Rope Water Location Detector

Because water rope detectors have become very popular and are frequently required, Conteg has developed a new, advanced version, capable of locating breaches while helping you to find the leakage. Like our standard version, the new water rope is extendable, and has been specifically designed for use with Ramos Optima and Ultra.

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Datasheet Rope Water location Sensor Datasheet
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