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New RAMOS Plus device

The newly completed Ramos Plus will complement our existing array of intelligent Ramos devices, enabling connection of wider range of accessories (such as Daysi-chain temperature sensors and dry contact expanders D8-8, previously supported only by RAMOS Ultra) through 4 intelligent ports. An optional integrated GSM modem with external Antenna is also available.
The new Ramos Plus will be available within a few months, following an announcement on

New accessories for intelligent Ramos

RMS-I-DE-07 Rope water locate sensor is for locating water breaches. Sensing rope can be lengthened up to 48m via 3m extension part (RMS-I-DE-07-EXT3). More >>>

RAMOS ULTRA EX-D** Ramos Ultra expanders, connected via expansion ports and network cables (up to 300m in length). **Concentrates larger amount of dry contacts in sizes 64, 128 or 192. More>>>

New standalone Access Control System for Racks

Our new standalone ACS system comes equipped with a built-in controller handle allowing easier installation and simple configuration via special keys, replacing the previous standalone ACS system (combined separate keyboard and reader with electronic latches). There are two handle variants allowing access via:

  • 4-digit PIN code
  • Mifare cards with a frequency 13,56 MHz

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New Ramos Ultra ACS focuses on Access Control

With the growing interest in access control systems, we have decided to enlarge our portfolio with a new version, based on the Ramos Ultra device, incorporating a built-in RDU unit. This new connection will allow Ramos to connect to a pair of fingerprint readers, along with either pair of standard card readers or keypad (PIN & Card).
It is possible to enlarge the system using (2x) expansion ports, such as the standard version (Ramos Ultra via expander units) or RDU (Rack Door Unit).
The new Ramos Ultra ACS supports the connection of WEB cameras via 4 USB ports. A DOOR LOCK CONVERTER is also included, allowing the connection of buttons, door contacts and locks/latches even from a 3rd party.

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Benefits of Conteg Pro Server application

If you are looking for a price-effective monitoring app for your entire DC, this application is the right tool for you.

  • Our existing customers find this application “Really user friendly, with impressive features.”
  • This software for Windows can monitor practically all network devices and IP cameras in your network.
  • Notification informs you in multiple ways, proceeding to a specific action as a preventative against the escalation of disasters.
  • Free software updates and integration of Intelligent Ramos devices.
  • Free version allows testing of each licensed part before purchasing.
Test it yourself now!

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