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New cooling units – CoolTeg Plus XC

CoolTeg Plus XC in-row units are based on the direct expansion principal. A compressor is integrated into the indoor unit, which is connected to its outdoor condenser.


  • No water in data center
  • Compressor safely positioned inside data center
  • Very high energy efficiency and stepless capacity control
  • Low noise of outdoor unit
  • Variable design and size of outdoor unit
  • Operation in wide range of outdoor temperatures
  • Perfect oil management for piping system
  • Ecological refrigerant R410A

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New office/showroom opening - France

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new company, CONTEG France s.a.r.l., the creation of which is a logical step in growth and development, improving both the quality of our services and support to customers and partners.

Located in Seine-et-Marne (3 km from Disneyland Paris), CONTEG France s.a.r.l. has opened with a stock of about 600 m2 and a showroom to introduce local customers to our portfolio.

inTEG FSE meets European standards (EN 62208 ed.2, EN 61439)

inTEG FSE Free-standing Enclosures are in accordance with the standard (EN 62208 ed.2) for empty cabinets and qualify as 'designing enclosures,' according to standards (EN 61439) defining rules on the production of low-voltage switchboards.

To assess compliance, a short-circuit resistance test was performed (EN61439-1 ed.2: 2012, clause 10.11.5), achieving the required currents at the input terminals, during which there was no mechanical damage to the cabinet due to acting dynamic forces. inTEG FSE Cabinets are thus suitable for use in electrical enclosures equipped with parametrically identical devices.

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