Access Control System (ACS) Will Secure Data Centers like in an Action Movie

In today's digital age, all information is available on the Internet. Progress is being made not only in modern technologies but also in their protection. Do you know how to ensure that your data is not accessed by unauthorized users? Ramos Ultra ACS access control for data centers is here to help.

Access Control System for a Data Center

"Many internet shops, small and large companies and many other business entities have their own servers located in hosting centers. Hosting providers often resolve data security via mechanical locks which require a key that allows access to only that one specific cabinet. However, this system is demanding, as it requires maintenance of the mechanical locks and keys and, above all, does not allow the creation of access records. Therefore, we have developed an access system for data centers that can be applied directly to the server cabinet and that way allows the monitoring of access by any authorized person. Thus, the system reveals who and when accessed which point," explains Tomáš Gráf from the company Conteg.

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