Efficient Data Center Cooling

All IT components, servers, switches, data storage and other accessories consume power, which transforms to heat. In addition, today these devices are becoming more powerful and retain their size yet require higher input power. Thus, a data center's cooling also needs to become stronger. But where to put the cooling units?

"Each rack with 20 kW of input power produces 20 kW of waste heat. To illustrate, that is equivalent to what an older detached house consumes for heating when it's freezing outside. Each of these cabinets could therefore heat a house. And our data center contains dozens to hundreds of them," explains product manager of air conditioning systems for the company Conteg, Bohumil Cimbál, when speaking about the high density of heat load in data centers.

Should cooling fail, the computers would stop running within minutes, or would even be destroyed. You would not only lose these expensive devices, but also valuable data.

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