RSF Server Racks Allow Configuration Tailored to Your Needs

IT technologies are constantly developing and the IT requirements are growing by the day. A lot of information today is available on and transferred via the Internet or stored remotely. Servers where the individual applications operate are diverse and require a flexible environment for their operation to create ideal conditions. Let us take a look at the RSF server racks. What are their advantages?

The standard lifetime of IT equipment is approximately 5 years, but racks used to store servers are designed to last for a much longer period. "Servers change in terms of size. Not long ago they were 4, 6, 8U (units or U) high and 50 cm deep. Now servers are 1, 2, 4U high but their depth has grown up to 100 cm. They are therefore slimmer, but deeper today," says Marek Schiller, Product Manager from the company Conteg.

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