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Control equipment in outTEG outdoor cabinets

In the last few years, our customers, which operate in the field of sewage disposal plants, gas pipelines, and solar and wind power plants, have used the CONTG design series of outTEG OMR outdoor cabinets. Outdoor enclosures are primarily weatherproof and have a high degree of protection IP66. Weather resistance is ensured mainly by the AlMg3 alloy used for the cabinet case and the applied finish of polyester powder coating with UV protection. Additional protection is provided by the stainless frame. Depending on the location of the equipment and the climatic conditions of the installation, the control of the indoor climate of the outdoor cabinet can be solved simply by forced ventilation, and thanks to the double-skin design, the indoor temperature is 10% lower than the outdoor. 

Our outdoor cabinets in four design series withstand even the most demanding climate conditions thanks to first-class functional properties, mechanical resistance, and long service life. We will advise you on your project free of charge and recommend the most suitable outdoor cabinets along with cooling, heating, and environmental monitoring.

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