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Rondel - Czechia

The project includes: 112x PREMIUM RSF and RSB racks; 24x CoolTop cooling units; 3x Chillers; 6x Contained aisle; FSE industry enclosures; HDWM cable management, PDUs

Project description:

One of the projects we implemented was the modern data center in Ústí nad Labem – Rondel, built for Vaudevile, s.r.o. The investor chose our company both for its experience proven and tested across projects all over the world, as well as for the unique combination of our own production, development, and sale of the most modern of technologies. 

The data center is located in a well-accessible part of this regional seat in a seven-story multifunctional building. The individual halls and rooms of the facility are spread across three floors and outside technologies are installed also on the roof of the building. In the final state, the data center will offer its customers 112 switchboards for the placement of IT technologies. The output of the cooling system in the first stage is 300 kW and in the final project phase can reach up to 2x1 MW.

After winning a public tender due to the innovative and financially inviting solution, Conteg worked out comprehensive implementing project documentation for the entire data center, picked out ideal suppliers for individual units such as wiring, UPS systems, hall air-conditioning, fire-extinguishing system, DC monitoring, and other systems and ensured error-free delivery of the data center. The project was concluded with stress testing and functional testing and handover of the finished work.

The use of brand new and unique air-conditioning units CoolTop is of particular interest. These units have been developed, designed, and manufactured in-house, and stand out due to their very low power consumption and, above all, by the fact that they are installed above the IT switchboards and do not take up even a centimeter of the valuable floor area of data halls. 
These units use cold water which is produced in the cooling machine room using compressor cooling sources (chillers) which also allow free-cooling functionality. That means that heat is ingeniously conducted to roof-mounted dry coolers in such a way that, in suitable climatic conditions, the compressors need not even be turned on. This not only improves the service life of these quite expensive machines but above all saves up to 90 % of power consumption that would otherwise be required to run these machines!

Our work did not end at the delivery of the DC. We further cooperate with the investor on the energy-efficient running of the DC, which leads to the improvement of the services provided by the investor to the clients.

For us, this implementation was very interesting from the perspective of the unique, modern technological solution, and we believe that it will serve to draw otherwise investors to similar energy-efficient solutions. Conteg is ready for such challenges!

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