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SafeDX - Czechia

The project includes: 3 contained cold aisle, 46 PREMIUM RSF rack 48U, 53 industrial Free-Standing enclosure inTEG FSE, OptiWay Cable Management System, Power Distribution Units.

Project description:

Conteg realizes through DCI Czech (affiliated society) the new Datacenter Safe DX in Prague. DCI Czech ensures continuous operation on-site 24/7 and complete security guard 24/7.

"Situated in a strategic locality in Prague, the SafeDX data center provides a host of innovative services. It offers not only hardware but also, and more importantly, comprehensive IT solutions mainly focused on foreign companies. "There is a large potential in global IT companies, as well as in specialized technology corporations. They are looking for opportunities to store and process data in Central and Eastern Europe, similarly, as other multinationals, many of which are based in Asia," explained SafeDX CEO Martin Smekal.

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