The project includes: Contained Aisle, 56 PREMIUM RSF racks, 16 CoolTeg Plus Cooling units


Data Center DC2 is the biggest and most modern data center in Middle and Eastern Europe and it meets the highest standards. Along with the construction of the center, we are upgrading our certificate to Uptime Institute TIER III.

Facility / Location

The DC2 facility with an area of 8000 m2 consists of a two-story reinforced concrete building serving as a data center and an additional four-story administrative building. The customers’ area reaches 4000 m2.


We provide cooling by the TIER III Standard which means that on the side of the cooling plant there is the configuration of N+1 and on the side of the cooling distribution there is a minimum configuration of N+1. The central water/glycol cooling plant consists of 8+1 dry coolers and 8+1 chillers. The cooling medium is distributed through double piping and a Victaulic-type pipe joining system. All the components of the cooling system are redundant and powered by two independent power sources.

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