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Correct layout of your data center will ensure your satisfaction in areas relating to safety, energy consumption, availability of technology and others. Information on the essential characteristics of the quality products from our portfolio is provided, or consult with our experts who will assist you with your solutions.

Contained Cold Aisle

Conteg Contained Cold Aisle (CCA) solution, this containment system is used to physically separate cooled air from hot exhaust.

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Hot/Cold Aisle

The Hot/Cold Aisle approach is considered to be the norm for data center designs. Racks are aligned front to front and cold air is delivered using the raised floor as a cold air handling space (plenum).

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Contained Hot Aisle

In cases where there is no raised floor for cold air delivery or the room dimensions do not support the contained cold aisle deployment.

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Plenum Feed with Room Return

This solution optimizes the use of cool air by directing the cold air directly from the raised floor to the equipment within the rack.

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Room Feed with Plenum Return

A potential drawback with Contained Cold Aisle and Direct Feed/Room Return technologies is that the hot exhaust is introduced into the facility.

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Modular Closed Loop System

Combines CoolTeg Plus cooling units and racks from the PREMIUM Server series. This compact arrangement is completely insulated from the surrounding environment. That allows installing zones with different temperatures and heat loads in a single room. The front and rear doors of the racks are glass or full-metal and form a contained space for air circulation between the servers and the cooling unit.

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Mini Data Center with CoolSeven Cooling Unit

Mini Data Center solution with CoolSeven cooling unit was designed based on the requirements and inputs from data center IT specialists all around the world. The aim was to develop the economy data center that meets the highest standards for safety, keeps sufficient storage capacity, and mainly brings financial savings due to unique cost-effective cooling solutions.

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