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Conteg works with industry-leading companies and combines best practices with high-quality infrastructure products to give you choice and flexibility for your facility design and cooling strategy.

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The project includes: Contained Aisle, 56 PREMIUM RSF racks, 16 CoolTeg Plus Cooling units

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Rondel - Czechia

The project includes: 112x PREMIUM RSF and RSB racks; 24x CoolTop cooling units; 3x Chillers; 6x Contained aisle; FSE industry enclosures; HDWM cable management, PDUs

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Wörglweb Stadtwerke Wörgl - Austria

The project includes 10 PREMIUM RSF racks, 5 PREMIUM RSB racks, 3 CoolTeg PLUS Cooling units, OptiWay Cable management, RAMOS Ultra monitoring system (with an expander for access control), and Power Distribution Units to Wörglweb Data Center.

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Hermine - France/Bretagne

The project includes: 20x PREMIUM RSF Racks; 4x PREMIUM RSB Racks; Optical wire management system Optiway, Contained Aisle, Power Distribution Units, RAMOS monitoring system with Conteg Pro Server DC management system.

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Casablanca - Czechia

The project includes: central cooling system and a closed hot/cold aisle system

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Eurowag - Czechia

The project includes: a complete non-IT infrastructure solution in the form of a contained aisle.

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Eclipse Print - Czechia

The project description: Single and double door inTEG Free-Standing industrial enclosures FSE with accessories

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Unmanned Station - Czechia

The project includes: 2x outTeg OMR outdoor cabinets with climeate control

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