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Our extensive portfolio of products and solutions provides our business partners and customers with a wide range of possibilities for suitable solutions that address their requirements in building ICT systems. We also offer basic information on supported configurations and services that can help in the planning and implementation of your ideas. We do not just provide products, we provide the total solution!

Data Centers

Building a data center is a very complex process requiring knowledge of other disciplines, cooling systems, power systems, safety equipment access, monitoring, and supervision. CONTEG has extensive experience in working out systems and proposals from the basic data center layout across the concept of cooling through to monitoring and traffic control of the DC.



CONTEG's products since the establishment of the company in 1998 are designed to meet and fulfill requests from various areas of computer networks. The main idea of the data racks is to accommodate patch panels, network elements and their connections.


Industrial Cabinets

For industrial solutions, you can use our i ndustrial enclosures from the FSE, FSM, and WME series. The common element of our product lines is their variability, wide range of accessories, and easy application and integration into customers' solutions . The enclosures are made of sheet steel or stainless steel and their surface is treated with powder coating.   They can be used both within industry 4.0 and other industries with specific conditions, such as chemical, food, pharmaceutical, but also transport, and more.


19" Stainless Steel Enclosures

The WME-O19 and WME-X19 stainless steel compact enclosures are high-quality single-door stainless steel 19" enclosures for indoor and outdoor use, with an emphasis on high resistance to the environment and versatility of use.


Server Rooms

Whether you are a small or a large company, you need a certain level of IT infrastructure to run your business. To that end, server rooms are a very common method of storing the necessary technology in one place. At the very heart of the server room is the rack, which, together with cooling, cabling, power supply, environmental monitoring, access control, and fire-fighting systems, constitutes the basic building block of a proper IT infrastructure solution. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of physical infrastructure solutions for IT, CONTEG can help you choose the right solution with respect to the type of room and cooling method used.


Home & Office

Safe and convenient housing of your technology extends to your home, too. We have designed racks suitable for your home or shop, as well as for your office or business.


Outdoor Cabinets

For those in need of an outdoor solution, we offer outdoor enclosures in three comprehensive lines: outTEG, FSM-O, and WME-O . The common element of our product lines is their variability, wide range of accessories, and easy application and integration into customers' solutions.