New cooling unit CoolTeg Plus Dual Fluid

1 minute to read 02.05.2022

CoolTeg Plus DF is an in-row cooling unit, based on an innovative principle of two-fluid cooling that combines water-based and compression cooling.

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CONTEG at Cablexx conference in Cairo

3 minutes to read 29.04.2022

Our PREMIUM RF1 rack handled the air transport to Cairo and became one of the main attractions of the CONTEG stand at the Cablexx conference in Egypt.

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The new PREMIUM housing RB1 rack

1 minute to read 15.03.2022

The PREMIUM Housing RB1 rack series is designed for server housing and co-location centers. All types of active or passive 19" equipment can be housed inside.

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Improved Rack iSEVEN Server

1 minute to read 18.01.2022

We have recently increased the load capacity of the rack to 1500 kg and added another height 48U.

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Energy-saving with new CONTEG Mini Data Center

2 minutes to read 02.12.2021

Economy Data Center solution with CoolSeven cooling unit which was designed based on the requirements and inputs from data center IT specialists.

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Unique Top Plates and Panels of the PREMIUM Server RF1 Rack

1 minute to read 18.10.2021

Watch the video where we will show you the unique top plates and panels of the new RF1 Premium series rack

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