Programmable Display

The display shows up to 8 parameters from any intelligent or virtual sensor, in addition it measures 1 temperature.

The Programmable Display is plugged into Optimax main monitoring unit and can be programmed to display the data from any intelligent or virtual sensor and shows up to 8 parameters in sequence. LED indicators alert if a sensor is in a critical condition. This is then reflected on the screen itself in the form of a critical or warning notification. The display is powered from the intelligent port and measures 1 temperature at the same time.

Installation is performed on the door of an IT rack, on the wall in the room or aisle of the data center.

The display with temperature sensor is connected to the main monitoring unit RAMOS Optimax or RAMOS Plus.


Order code:  RMS-P-ST-DSPL


Parameter Value
Suitable for

RAMOS Plus or RAMOS Optimax


Permanently displayed built-in temperature

Blue backlight

Display of up to 8 sensors in a standard rotary list, configured via the CONTEG Pro Server web application

2x LED indicator (ORANGE - Warning and RED - Critical)

Sensor status display (warning or critical status)

Sensor unit display: ° C, ° F,% rh,%, V, (m) A, (k) W, (k) Wh

Displays the IP address of the main unit immediately after connection

Electronic click status display (open / closed)

Power consumption

45mA, 0.22W

Power supply

5V via intelligent port

Package includes

1.5 m cable LAN CAT 5



File size: 2095 kB

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