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Warranty Terms and Conditions

We stand by our products, which is why we have decided to offer our customers more and extend our warranty on selected products to 15 years.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

Our products come with a warranty for one of three different time periods. The warranty applies to material defects and manufacturing defects and only applies when the product was used in accordance with recommendations.

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15-year warranty on products

  • Free-standing enclosures (RF1, RSF, RDF, RSB, ROP, Ri7, RM7)
  • Open frames (RSG4, RSG2, RS)
  • Wall-mount enclosures (RUN, RUD, REN, ACP)
  • Cable management
  • Air flow control
  • IT accessories (except lighting

2-year warranty on products

  • Industrial products (FSE, FSM, WME, OMR)
  • LES-RACK extinguishing system
  • PDUs
  • Ventilation units
  • CoolTeg Plus and CoolTop series cooling units

1-year warranty on products

  • CoolSpot cooling units