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Data Centers

Building a data center is a very complex process requiring knowledge of other disciplines, cooling systems, power systems, safety equipment access, monitoring, and supervision. CONTEG has extensive experience in working out systems and proposals from the basic data center layout across the concept of cooling through to monitoring and traffic control of the DC.

We offer services in consulting for projects of all sizes, from small server rooms to large scale data centers. See data center solution option.

Data Center Layout & Design

Correct layout of your data center will ensure your satisfaction in areas relating to safety, energy consumption, availability of technologyand others. Information on the essential characteristics of the quality products from our portfolio is provided, or consult with our experts who will assist you with your solutions.

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Mobile Data Center

Sometimes also called containerized data center, holds the complete technological infrastructure of a classic data center, but is located in a steel container. These data centers have seen a recent upswing in popularity as an alternative to traditional data centers due to the many advantages they bring. The main benefit is a shorter implementation time with significantly lower legal burden, modularity, and flexibility of the place of installation, and ease of mobility. CONTEG provides comprehensive delivery of mobile data centers in the full spectrum of required ICT capacities.

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