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Safe and convenient housing of your technology extends to your home, too. We have designed racks suitable for your home or shop, as well as for your office or business.

Wall-Mount & SOHO Racks

Thanks to their small size, wall-mount, and SOHO enclosures are suitable for placement in small offices and households. In their basic version, the enclosures allow access to the stored devices through the front door, with some models featuring a partitioned design that also allows access from the back. Certain other types also feature dismountable, lockable side panels. Our assortment also includes enclosures that can be embedded directly into the wall, making them an aesthetically pleasing option for home networking.

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Useful Accessories

We also offer a wide range of accessories for power supply and cable management. If you want to have everything under control, use RAMOS, our simple monitoring device which will keep you up to date on the current parameters of your devices and their operating environments, such as temperature and humidity.


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