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Outdoor Cabinets

For those in need of an outdoor solution, we offer outdoor enclosures in three comprehensive lines: outTEG, FSM-O, and WME-O. The common element of our product lines is their variability, wide range of accessories, and easy application and integration into customers' solutions.

outTEG—Outdoor Cabinets

Double-walled outdoor cabinets the outTEG OMR—free-standing outdoor enclosure and the outTEG OMR Lite—an enclosure for mounting onto a pole. Vandal-proof. Efficient ventilation system. Cooling & Heating. Monitoring.


WME-O—Stainless Steel Cabinets

Stainless steel cabinets with a UV-resistant surface finish are ideal for outdoor installations and can be combined e.g. with a hood or roof to protect against rain. Cabinets from this line boast high structural rigidity of both the enclosure and the mounting plate. Made using laser welding technology, which lends them a clean, streamlined look.


FSM-O—Compact, Stainless Steel Cabinets

Stainless steel enclosures have integrated side panels in the frame, and a surface finish resistant to UV radiation protects against harmful environmental influences. This manufacturing method can meet the highest requirements for rigidity and lends the cabinet 700 kg of load-bearing capacity.



Why Choose CONTEG?

  • We are a European manufacturer with 20 years of experience.
  • We provide a 15-year warranty on our racks.
  • We have a professional team that keeps pace with the latest trends.
  • We follow strict rules of quality management pursuant to ISO 9001 and environmental management pursuant to ISO 14001.
  • Our products have the following certification: TÜV CZ, UL 50, UL 508.

Realized Projects

Take a look at reference projects from our portfolio. It is likely we have already designed and implemented a solution that suits your needs. And if not, we are ready to design a custom solution just for you.





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Middle East

Ehab Mohamed Azab
Regional Managing Director
Tel.: +966 540 002 341
E-mail: ehab.azab@conteg.com


Kris Gilissen
Regional Sales Director
Tel.: +32 472 717 316
E-mail: kris.gilissen@conteg.com

DACH, BALTIC states, NORDIC countries, Poland, Hungary

Radovan Doležal
Regional Sales Director
Tel.: +420 724 723 184
E-mail: radovan.dolezal@conteg.com

Eastern Europe

Walter Grossmann
Regional Sales Director
Tel.: +49 172 848 4346
E-mail: walter.grossmann@conteg.com


Jean-Pierre Strub
Regional Sales Director
Tel.: +33 686 074 386
E-mail: jeanpierre.strub@conteg.com

Russia, CIS

Anatolii Butenko
Regional Sales Director
Tel.: +7 495 506 13 28
E-mail: anatolii.butenko@conteg.com

Czech Republic, Slovak Republic

Lubomír Vlasák
Regional Sales Director
Tel.: +420 724 371 550
E-mail: lubomir.vlasak@conteg.cz





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