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Enviromental Monitoring

The RAMOS monitoring system is used to control the state of the indoor and outdoor environment (temperature, humidity, water leakage, smoke,…) in large data centers, server rooms, or individual racks. It allows you to easily integrate and subsequently monitor other components, such as intelligent power distribution units (PDUs), backup power supplies (UPS), AC units, etc. The system supports remote control. RAMOS consists of hardware components and software—the CONTEG Pro Server application. Hardware comes in 4 different versions of main monitoring units, which are differentiated by their functionality levels. Each version has different features, a different number of sensors as well as different inputs and outputs. A wide range of accessories is available for the units, such as detectors, sensors, sirens, magnetic door contacts, expansion modules, etc.

connecting up to 500 sensors

Ramos Ultra

These monitoring devices with expanders allow you to connect up to 500 intelligent sensors. RAMOS Ultra also supports direct connection to GSM Modem, Modbus and many other standard Serial Communications Protocols.

1U height, monitor up to 150 sensors

RAMOS Optimax

Monitoring device suitable for multiple racks or server rooms with a height of 1U can monitor up to 150 sensors. Also available in GSM variant.


Ramos Plus

RAMOS Plus is the smallest model from the RAMOS range of intelligent monitoring devices.


Ramos Micro

RAMOS Micro is a simple small solution for monitoring the environment.