Ramos Plus

RAMOS Plus is the smallest model from the RAMOS range of intelligent monitoring devices.

The RAMOS Plus main monitoring unit is the smallest model from the RAMOS range of intelligent monitoring devices, designed for use in both free-standing racks and outdoor cabinets. It comes in two versions—the standard variant and the GSM variant with a built-in GSM modem and an external antenna. The built-in web server of the RAMOS Plus (GSM) unit allows convenient setting, control, and operation from anywhere. In the event of an alarm, the notification is sent by e-mail or via SMS to predefined recipients.

It has 4 auto-sense intelligent sensor ports to which it is possible to connect a wide range of intelligent sensors (temperature, humidity, water leakage, airflow, access control, control relays, detect AC voltage, measure DC voltage, …). Sensors include an integrated data collection and graphing package to spot trends in temperature, and humidity. Complete remote management features are supported, including secure SNMP v3. RAMOS Plus also supports Modbus TCP and RADIUS.

RAMOS Plus can also be integrated into the CONTEG Pro Server application for central management and supervision of the monitored environment.

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Parameter Value
Dimensions 115 x 64 x 32 mm
Weight 0.3 kg
Input Voltage 5VDC
Operating temperature Min. -35° C – Max. 80° C
Operating humidity Min. 20%—Max. 80% (Non-Condensing)
MTBF 1,400,000 hours

4× intelligent ports, adjustable as input or output

5× virtual sensors for monitoring 3rd party hardware using Modbus and SNMP protocol (can be licensed to 40 sensors)

Ethernet port 10/100

Built-in webserver


Dual-Band UMTS/HSPA+ 900/2100MHz

Quad-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz

GPRS & EDGE multi-slot class 12

Package includes

RAMOS Plus monitoring device, power adapter, 1.5 m crossover patch cord cable, bracket with screws, and installation CD

RAMOS Plus GSM monitoring device with 4 intelligent ports and built-in GSM modem; External GSM antenna with 3m long cable and SMA connector; Power supply 12VDC; Bracket with screws; 1.5m crossover LAN cable; CD and Manual




File size: 961 kB

Other versions CZ fr

RAMOS Plus Notification Manual

File size: 2547 kB


RAMOS Plus Introduction Manual

File size: 2405 kB



File size: 205 kB


Product Catalog—Data and Telecommunication Solutions and Racks

File size: 24466 kB


Brochure—Complete Solutions for Datacenters

File size: 3003 kB


Brochure—RAMOS Intelligent Monitoring System

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Brochure—Solutions for Server Rooms and Cabling Installations

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Expander for Intelligent Port

The expander is used for expanding an intelligent port up to 8 dry contacts (input/output).


Relay Box 8

Relay Box 8 creates 8 relay outputs on a single intelligent port.


Daisy-chain Temperature Sensor

Discontinued product Daisy-chain temperature sensor with a 1,5 m long cable. Up to 8 sensors can by connected in the daisy-chain to a single intelligent port.


Temperature and Humidity Sensor

The encased temperature and humidity sensor is designed for placement into racks and measures temperature and humidity.


Sensors for thermal mapping

Sensors for complete monitoring of the environment in racks, where it is possible to determine hotspots and adjust the installation of IT hardware, the performance of the cooling unit, etc.


Sensor Adapter for External Sensor

The Sensor Adapter makes it easy to connect 3rd party analog sensor with output 0-10 V DC.


Programmable Display

The display shows up to 8 parameters from any intelligent or virtual sensor, in addition it measures 1 temperature.


Air-flow sensor

The air-flow sensor is a device that checks airflow in areas where consistent airflow is necessary.


Siren & strobe light

The Siren & Strobe sensor is a combination sensor that emits a loud piercing sound and a visual blinking strobe light. It is an important addition to security and safety.


Smoke Detector

Smoke detector is important for security and safety.


Spot water sensor

Spot water sensors can detect water breaches.


Rope water sensor

Rope water sensors can detect if there is water on detection ropes.


Rope Water Locate Sensor

The rope water locating sensor is designed for specific location water detection.


Dry contact

The dry contact is used to connect external devices, such as security or fire systems, or any application that requires control by the unit.


Magnetic door contact

Magnetic door contact is a security feature for door or side panel status monitoring.


AC-Sensor controlled relay—normally open (110V/220V)

The AC-Sensor controlled relay is the controlling power for external devices.


4-20 mA Converter

The 4-20 mA convertor is used for integrating an analog signal.


Mini Sensor Controlled Relay

The device allows you to adjust the voltage level of the signal.


Coupler for extension

CAT 5e RJ45-RJ45 coupler is used to extend the sensor cable.


PIR motion detector

Motion detector with 60° detection angle and 3 m detection distance; used for securing rooms or buildings and sending alerts.