10" Fiber-Optic Splice Box

For use with modular front panel (ORS-08ST, ORS-08SC, ORS-04DSC, ORS-08FC, ORS-04FCD).

Installation in 10“ rack with two sliding holders. Installation kit for splice cassette size 142×95 mm (included).

Parameter Value
Positions up to 8 positions of ST, SC or FC type or 4 positions DSC or FCD type
Height 1U
Cable entry via two PG9 couplings on rear part (included). Holes not in use can be covered.
Color powder-coated RAL (standard RAL 9005)
Package includes 1× fiber optic box, 2× holder for 10“ rack, 2× PG9 couplings, 2× screws for affixing to front panel (front panel not included)
Ordering code ORMS-01


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