Airflow passive control elements help to optimize cooling efficiency by minimizing bypass airflow. Between the columns and the extrusions within the rack.

The Chimney is designed to form a duct for the hot exhaust between the rack and the hot plenum. The Chimney is constructed from a 1mm thick powder-coated sheet steel and comes with a gasket kit to ensure there is optimum sealing between the rack and the hot plenum. The Chimney's height can range from 750 to 1 360 mm, depending on your site requirements. The Turning Vane is part of the Chimney solution. It is designed to enhance the natural draw effect of the Chimney and allows for the passage of cabling and power cables. Constructed from a 1 or 2mm thick powder-coated sheet steel, the clever design of the Turning Vane allow for optimum airflow. The Turning Vane requires a minimum of 200m offset on the rear extrusions.

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Package includes top plate, chimney, turning vane




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