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7U tall indoor unit integrated into 19" racks and utilizing a split cooling system composed of two components—an indoor and an outdoor unit.

The CoolSeven unit with direct expansion represents a type of unit with precision cooling inside racks. CoolSeven is a 7U tall indoor unit integrated into 19" racks and utilizing a split cooling system composed of two components—an indoor and an outdoor unit.


  • Unit is a direct expansion type which provides precision cooling inside racks
  • Compatible with all 19" IT racks
  • Individual cooling control on rack level
  • EC fans with very low power consumption
  • Heat dissipation directly from the racks to outside areas
  • Precise and fluent cooling capacity control corresponding to air temperature
  • A variant of the outdoor unit for very low temperatures is available
  • Can operate without filters
  • A wide selection of accessories
  • Capable of communicating with a monitoring system (for example, CONTEG Pro Server)
  • Emergency door opening function when the emergency temperature is exceeded. Compatible with the EOS—Emergency opening system.


  • Office spaces
  • IT racks or compact data centers (MCL—Modular closed loop)
  • Racks with insufficient or no air-conditioning
  • Dusty environments

The CoolSeven unit operates on the direct expansion principle, circulating the coolant between the indoor and outdoor units. The outdoor compressor unit is equipped with a BLDC inverter compressor, which allows for automatic cooling capacity control (up to 8 kW). Thanks to the indoor and outdoor units being separated, there is no need for additional room air conditioning.

The CoolSeven unit is designed for integration into 19” racks, with a height of seven rack units (7RU). Apart from the refrigerant piping, power supply and communications sources, the unit must also be connected to a condensate drainage.

The highly efficient evaporator of the indoor air-conditioning unit features a special hydrophilic surface that retains condensate droplets, while the EC fans maintain very low power consumption.

Airflow and cooling capacity are automatically controlled by an integrated control unit with proprietary CONTEG software. The unit is equipped with a compact LCD for checking and monitoring cooling parameters. To communicate with BMS systems, the unit is equipped with an integrated MODBus RTU interface; alternatively, the unit can also be equipped with a network card (SNMP, WEB server, Logger, E-mail, FTP PUSH, MODBus TCP/IP, BACnet…).

Setting up the CoolSeven unit is very user-friendly, yet advanced, more complex functions are also available. Initial start-up and subsequent operation are therefore very easy and efficient.

Parameter Value
Indoor unit AC-C7-DX-xxxxxxx
Connected outdoor unit AC-ODX-07-xxxxx
Cooling system Direct expansion
Architecture Open/closed
Capacity regulation 11–100%
Nominal cooling capacity 8.1 kW
Nominal net cooling capacity 7.5 kW
Power supply 230 V, 1 ph, 50-60 Hz
Running current * 2.6 A
Maximum current 2.7 A
Nominal power consumption * 613 W
Maximum air flow 1791 m3/h
Number of fans 2 pcs
Motor fan technology EC
Refrigerant type R410A
Filter class without filter
Sound pressure level Lw(A) ** 30-52 dB
Width 482.6 mm (19" installation)
Height 311 mm (7U installation)
Depth 624 mm
Weight 29.8 kg
Supply pipe diameter and type 12 mm
Return pipe diameter and type 16 mm

* Values at stable 80% output.
** Depends on rack and fans' RPM.



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