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CoolSpot CW TW

Small air-conditioning unit in Top Mount design for perfect air separation and space-saving in IT room.

The CoolSpot Top Mount (AC-TW) units deliver exceptional cooling capacity without additional floor area required for the rack. The CoolSpot AC-TW solution is available in nominal cooling capacities from 2200 W to 6700 W (cooling capacity depends on the water and air temperature and water flow). Since it is mounted on the roof of the rack, there is some overhead clearance necessary.

These CoolSpot TW cooling units are compatible with the free-standing racks series RDF and RSF. The big advantage of this Top Mount model is perfect matching to the CONTEG cabinet fitted with a Separation frame and Blanking panels. This arrangement ensures the cold zone front of the IT components inside the rack. The air from the hot zone in the rear part of the cabinet is sucked into the CoolSpot cooler. The result is a high-efficiency energy-saving cooling solution.

  • All heat load is transferred to the water out of the room
  • Operation in unlimited room temperature
  • No filters required

CoolSpot CW was developed for places where heat and noise from the compressor could be disturbing in the room. It demands connection to the chilled water piping system of the building. The cooling capacity of the air-conditioning unit is controlled by a 2-way valve inside to keep the set temperature in the CONTEG cabinet.

CoolSpot CW units are designed to keep the right environment inside CONTEG cabinets. The inside temperature of the rack equipped by the CoolSpot unit is controlled with very low energy consumption. The CW series is ready for connection to the chilled water piping system in the building. The radial fan in the air-conditioning unit cares for the right airflow through a high-capacity water-air heat exchanger to the rack.

CoolSpot CW can be installed in rooms with the continuous presence of people, thanks to low noise and no heat load coming out of the unit. When installing these units into closed areas always ensure that the room has sufficient space above or aside the cabinet.

The CoolSpot CW includes a 2-way solenoid valve with a gas-loaded mechanical thermostat at return air. The temperature Setpoint can be adjusted with a screwdriver from 20 to 46 °C. The cooling band is 4 K. If a high condensate level is detected, it closes the solenoid valve while fans keep running.

CoolSpot cooling units are easily integrated with monitoring system RAMOS to provide remote notification about the temperature inside the rack.

Parameter Unit AC-TW15 AC-TW50
Cooling capacity (L35W10) W 2200 6700
Power supply V/Ph/Hz 230/1/50 230/1/50
Maximum current A 0,23 1,02
Prefuse A 2 4
Power consumption W 52 260
Cabinet air flow m3/h 575 1450
Waterflow l/h 150 860
Water connection "G 1/2 1/2
Pressure drop (water) kPa 30 30
Weight kg 30 39


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