Electronic door lock with built in card reader

An electronic door lock with the build-in card reader and door contact sensor enables to connect directly to the RAMOS Optimax or RAMOS Plus main units.

An electronic door lock with the build-in card reader and door contact sensor enables it to connect directly to the RAMOS Optimax or RAMOS Plus main monitoring units. RFID electronic door lock has a universal fit for all CONTEG IT racks panel preparations. It is possible to control up to 8 door locks with RAMOS Optimax and up to 4 door locks with RAMOS Plus without additional HW.

The electronic door lock is also compatible with doors equipped with a multi-point locking mechanism. Each package of the electronic door lock includes 2 EM cards.


Code:  RMS-ACS-EL1

Parameter Value
Suitable for RAMOS Plus or RAMOS Optimax
Supported cards EM-Card, 125Khz Proximity cards, 26bits, K4100/EM4100/EM4200/T5577
Proximity reading range 0 - 3 cm
LED indicator Color RGB LED
Locking control Remote lock and unlock from the main monitoring unit via Web Interface, SNMP, or CONTEG Pro Server
Power source Powered by the main monitoring unit RAMOS Optimax and RAMOS Plus. No additional power is needed.
Power supply 5V DC
Power consumption Typical 0.35W, 70 mA, peak 1.75W, 350 mA
Ambient temperature - 25°C to 75°C
Cable length 4.5 m
Ambient humidity 10% - 90%
Package includes 2 EM cards


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