Electronic Handle with Card Reader

Electronic handle with built in card reader for mounting directly onto a rack door.

The electronic handle with a card reader is designed for mounting directly onto a rack door with a standard 25 × 150 mm mounting hole. The handle with a half-cylindrical insert can be opened using a key and can be mounted onto a door with a multi-point or single-point locking mechanism. The body is fitted with LED indication of status—unlocked, locked, open, and breach. The built-in miniature reader is located in the upper portion of the handle body and has a maximum reading distance of 3 cm. It is capable of reading EM and HID Prox 125 kHz cards and communicates via the Wiegand 26b protocol.

The handle is highly energy-efficient, requiring less than 50 mA when idle, and less than 250 mA when in working mode, and is powered from the main unit.


Code: DP-ZM-E2


Parameter Value

Latch has a LED light that indicates the status of the handle

Shows the status of the lock (closed, opened, held open, and forced open)

Latch consumes very low power (in standby mode less than 50 mA and in operational mode less than 200 mA)

Powered from RDU (12 V DC)

The latch can be opened with a key

Card reader

Can read EM & HID prox. 125 kHz cards

Consumes very low power (typically less than 80 mA)

Powered from RDU (12 V DC)

Communicates via Wiegand 26b protocol

Reading distance from 3 cm


Industry-standard 25x150 mm panel prep

Can be fitted with a multi-point lock or single-point locking rod

Package includes

4.5 m long with a green boot on connector RJ-45 for right connection assembling



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