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Hypoxic Air Fire Preventive System

The unique solution for fire preventions and suppression—no water, no foam, no chemical extinguishing agents. The system is designed so that a fire in the data center is not created at all.

A unique system, which fully replaces the usual fire extinguishing equipment, allows preventing a fire with a zero fire risk in the protected area of the data center. The solution is designed in such a fashion so that primarily no fire could ever arise in the data center thanks to hypoxic air (oxygen reduced air). The principle of the hypoxic technology is the reduction and subsequent permanent maintenance of the oxygen content below 16% in the protected area of the data center, 24/7 throughout the building service life. The 16% oxygen concentration limit in the air is crucial for the combustion process. Air with a ratio of oxygen lowered below this critical limit makes it impossible to create a fire, but it is still completely safe for service personnel, which is also confirmed by the State Health Institute of the Czech Republic. This environment is approximately equivalent to pressure and air concentration at an altitude of 2700 meters.

How does it work? Ambient air (with 21% of oxygen) is drawn into the hypoxic generator where it is purified and turned hypoxic (air with oxygen content below 16%). The entire room of the data center is ventilated with hypoxic air, inhibiting fire ignition. Low oxygen air leaks from the room, thus completing the flow of air and ventilating the space. A control unit monitoring the room with oxygen sensors permanently ensures a stable and healthy low oxygen environment in the room.


  • Replacement of standard fire extinguishing equipment
  • No design limitations
  • Reduced fire resistance of structures—less than 30 minutes
  • Installation of heat and smoke removal equipment not required
  • Unlimited space of a fire zone
  • No need to install an air handling unit to ensure a minimum healthy air circulation
  • No damage by fire leaked water, foam, or other extinguishing agents. Retaining access to protected areas at any time
  • No environmental impact
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • The system functionality can be verified at any time in real-time.


Weight / Noise of the Technology Volume of protected area*** Estimated Operating Time / Power Consumption (24 Hours**
400 kg/61 dB 1 – 370 mᶟ 8 h/40 kWh
500 kg/62 dB 370 – 520 mᶟ 8 h/56 kWh
600 kg/67 dB 521 – 750 mᶟ 8 h/96 kWh
800 kg/67 dB 751 – 1 150 mᶟ 8 h/130 kWh
900 kg/67 dB 1 151 – 1 630 mᶟ 8 h/130 kWh
1200 kg/68 dB 1 631 – 2 350 mᶟ 8 h/200 kWh
1400 kg/66 dB 2 351 – 3 500 mᶟ 8 h/312 kWh
1800 kg/66 dB 3 501 – 4 700 mᶟ 8 h/360 kWh
2500 kg/66 dB 4 701 – 5 850 mᶟ 8 h/440 kWh
2650 kg/68 dB 5 851 – 7 600 mᶟ 8 h/600 kWh
 4000 kg/68 dB 7 601 – 10 000 mᶟ 8 h/720 kWh
5300 kg/68 dB 13 201 – 15 100 mᶟ 8 h/1050 kWh

Time to first reduce oxygen in the protected area from 20.9% to 15%* takes 16 hours. Calculated for air exchange (leakage taken into account) of max. 50% of total volume in 24 hours.
** Calculated for "free volume" - 50% of space filled with furniture means a 50% reduction in energy consumption.
*** In the case of a larger volume of the protected area, two, three, or more systems shall be used.



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