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Managed PDUs

The managed power distribution units enable remote monitoring of energy consumption (input metering) and metering on each individual outlet including the ability to control the outlets.

Managed power distribution units provide the supply of energy, remote control over individual outlets (switching on/off) thus enable server restart and further monitoring of energy consumption from individual outlets (PDU versions with POM designation).

  • Managed PDUs measure voltage and frequency, allow reporting of the load power factor, active and apparent power, and energy consumption (in kWh).
  • The device has an illuminated display located on the device or separately next to the power distribution unit, which is suitable for critical IT devices that require an uninterrupted power supply.
  • The built-in web server enables the remote setting of the unit, reading the information, and management of the outlets of the specific PDU from a user-friendly web interface.
  • Managed PDUs allow integrating into a CONTEG Pro Server monitoring system for central management or into a third-party system (MIB table available).
  • Hybrid access technology—Ethernet connectivity and serial communication; both interfaces can be accessed simultaneously and independently.
  • PDUs are compatible with 19" IT racks.
  • Placement in the rack—types for horizontal and vertical mounting.


Parametr Value
Material 1.5 mm anodized aluminum with a protective layer against oxidation with brackets made of stainless steel


Length: predefined by type, or can be adjusted for the configuration of choice
Height: 65 mm
Depth: 52.6 mm
Color Black, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, white
Display Illuminated LCD
Connection 1-phase 230 V AC or 3-phase 230/400 V AC, 16 A or 32 A
Measurement RMS value of current
Voltage (V) and frequency
Load power factor
Total energy consumption
True (W) and apparent power (VA)
Measurement error <1%
Data bus 2× RJ45 data bus RS-485 connectors
Ethernet RJ45 connector
TCP/IP 10/100 Mb/s, DHCP with back-up static IP, SNMP, Modbus, API
Sensor port Option to connect temperature and humidity sensor
Operating temperature range 0–60 °C
Protection Unrestricted choice of fuse type including:
  • Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB)
  • Thermal fuse
  • Glass cartridge fuse holder
  • PASCO cartridge holder
Overvoltage protection Optionally as a Hot Swap module
Power consumption < 3 W


File size: 1871 kB

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Product Catalog—Data and Telecommunication Solutions and Racks

File size: 24466 kB


Brochure—Power Distribution Units (PDU) Managed, Monitored and Basic

File size: 1568 kB


Brochure—Complete Solutions for Datacenters

File size: 3003 kB


Brochure—Solutions for Server Rooms and Cabling Installations

File size: 1210 kB


Inline Meter

The 1-phase or 3-phase inline power meter with an illuminated display is designed for measuring parameters on the lead-in cable to basic PDUs and is easy to connect into existing circuits.


Temperature & Humidity Sensor

The sensor reads temperature and humidity inside the IT rack. It connects via a 2.5 m cable directly to a monitored or managed PDU.


Output Power Cables

Output power cables are used for transmitting electrical energy between the PDU and an IT device inside the IT rack.


Input Power Cables

1-phase 16 A monitored and managed PDUs are supplied without a lead-in cable.


Locking Inserts

Retention sleeves reduce the risk of accidental unplugging of the power cable.


Brackets for vertical installation of PDU

For vertical installation of a power distribution unit into IT rack, it is necessary to order the appropriate bracket for basic, monitored and managed PDUs, which is not included in the package.