Mini Sensor Controlled Relay

The device allows you to adjust the voltage level of the signal.

The mini relay box with optional voltage output can be connected to the RAMOS Optimax or RAMOS Plus main monitoring units.

This device can adjust the voltage level of the signal, for example, a device with a relay can be switched based on the sensor input, then this output from the sensor will be 200 mA—5 V DC.


Order code: RMS-P-RB      


Parameter Value
Coil consumption 150 mW
Switching power 120VA, 24W
Contact material AgNi alloy
Minimum contact load 1mA @ 1V DC
Initial contact resistance 50mΩ u 100mA, 6V DC
Contact load 1A, 120 VAC / 24 V DC
Mechanical resistance 10x10e6 operations
Electrical resistance 1A, 120 VAC, resistance 100x10e3 ops.

Mini Sensor Controlled Relay


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Mini Sensor Controlled Relay


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Mini Sensor Controlled Relay


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