Plinths for WME

100mm high plinth allows placing the industrial enclosure on a firm base, for indoor and outdoor application.

The plinth assembly for the WME series compact industrial enclosures consists of a front and rear set and side sets. The plinths are made of either sheet steel or stainless steel.

The ID ‑ W ‑ PFxx and ID ‑ W ‑ PSxx assembly made of sheet steel is intended for WME and WME-G. The ID ‑ W ‑ SPFxx and ID ‑ W ‑ SPSxx assembly made of stainless steel is suitable for WME-X and WME-O industrial enclosures.


Parameter Value
Height 100 mm

WME a WME-G: 2,5mm sheet steel

WME-X a WME-O: 2mm stainless steel (AISI 430)

Surface finish

Sheet steel: epoxy-polyester powder coating

Stainless steel: polyester-powder coating


RAL 7035, RAL 7046


Possibility of installing two plinths on top of each other (max. 4pcs)

Package includes

Plinths and all necessary assembly parts (a set of ID-W-PFxx / ID-W-PSxx or ID-W-SPFxx / ID-W-SPSxx)



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