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Relay Box 8

Relay Box 8 creates 8 relay outputs on a single intelligent port.

The Relay Box 8 is a specially designed multi-port relay for advanced process control. The Relay Box 8 is easily controlled by any RAMOS sensors or detectors. The relay can provide automatic responses to sensor status changes. Setting up the Relay Box 8 is easy thanks to its built-in auto-sense feature and user-friendly web interface.

The automatic response to sensor changes gives users more flexibility when responding to environmental alerts. The automatic response eliminates the need for user intervention during the alarm condition, as it will automatically switch On/Off crucial equipment thus avoiding any substantial damage.

  • Power switching
  • On/Off control for cooling equipment
  • Activating alarms
  • Process control
  • Energy management systems

This device is compatible with RAMOS Plus, Optimax, and Ultra.

Require power supply 7,5 VD (order code: RMS-U-PW).

Parameter Value
Code RMS-U-RB-8
Suitable for RAMOS Ultra, RAMOS Plus, and RAMOS Optimax

8 changeover relay contacts


8 LEDs indicate the status of the Relay and 1 LED indicate a Power

Carry current

16 A

Max. operating voltage

380 VAC, 125 VDC

Max. operating current

16 A

Max. switching capacity

4000 VA, 480W with resistive load 2000 VA, 240W with inductive load (P.F=0.4)

Power consumption

Typically 2.475 Watt, 0.495 A


216x138x46 mm

Operating temperature

-40°C — +85°C

Storage temperature

-40°C — +85°C


Full auto-sense including disconnect alarm

19” mounting brackets included

1.5 m LAN cable for sensor connecting is included

Connects to Ramos Ultra with standard patch cable CAT5/6

Contact material: AgCdORelay Contact Rating

Require power supply 7.5VDC (RMS-U-PW)Provide 3 positions Terminal Block which includes Normally Open, Normally Closed, and Common

PCB, Connector, and Contacts rated up to maximum 5A 30VDC, 1A 220VAC



File size: 2095 kB

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