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Smoke Detector

Smoke detector is important for security and safety.

As a necessary safety feature for data centers and server rooms, a smoke detector should be mounted onto the ceiling for maximum smoke detection ability. The detector emits an 85 dB two-state alarm signal at a distance of 3 m from the unit and is also fitted with an LED indication.

The detector is powered from the main unit and can be connected to a backup 9 V battery. It is connected using a standard LAN CAT 5/6 cable with a maximum connection length of 90 m.

The device is not recognized automatically and requires installing control software included with the product.


Order code: RMS-I-DE-01


  • Loud piercing 85 db alarm at 3 m
  • On/off alarm signal 
  • LED indicates the status of the smoke detector
  • Full Autosense including disconnect alarm
  • Powered by the unit. No additional power needed
  • 9V battery connection as a backup
  • LAN cable (1,5 m long) for sensor connecting is included
  • Connection by standard patch cable CAT5/6
  • Max. length of connection cable is 90 m


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