CONTEG's products since the establishment of the company in 1998 are designed to meet and fulfill requests from various areas of computer networks. The main idea of the data racks is to accommodate patch panels, network elements and their connections.

Data Racks and Cable Management

Our series suitable for this is Premium Cabling. Alternatively, users can benefit from the concept of open frames RSG. With both groups of solutions, users can enjoy a uniquely sophisticated system HDWM - High Density Cable Management. This solution was designed with regards to the ever-increasing demands on bandwidth in optical fiber and copper distribution in accordance with standards and manufacturers' recommendations.

Fiber Optic Cable Management System

Communication networks must then be adapted for the destinations where they serve connecting servers, storage arrays, communications elements, broadcasting, and other systems. The fiber optic cable management system OptiWay is designed for this and is ideal for the separation of backbone power distribution lines, which have their own routes, and the optical system, which has specific requirements for the safety of cables.


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