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Mini Data Center with CoolSeven Cooling Unit

Mini Data Center solution with CoolSeven cooling unit was designed based on the requirements and inputs from data center IT specialists all around the world. The aim was to develop the economy data center that meets the highest standards for safety, keeps sufficient storage capacity, and mainly brings financial savings due to unique cost-effective cooling solutions. Thanks to the minimum cooling capacity of 11% the CoolSeven Data Center unit significantly saves energy and brings financial profit. It is adapted for all the devices from 0,8 kW to 7kW and it is ready for future growth of your IT equipment.


Economy Data Center solution

Wide cooling capacity range 0,8 kW – 7 kW,  Energy, and financial saving,  Safety 


Suitable for:

  • Offices, small server rooms
  • IT racks, compact data centers
  • Rooms with not sufficient or no air-conditioning
  • Dusty environments

Advantages of CoolSeven cooling unit:

  • Wide cooling capacity range: 0,8 kW – 7 kW
  • Energy-saving due to targeted and precise cooling 
  • Financial saving and longer lifetime of installed IT equipment and cooling unit due to minimum cooling capacity starting from 11%
  • Safety and full control over the Mini data center temperature due to CoolSeven precision unit software


What does a compact unit consist of?

The Mini Data Center CoolSeven is a compact unit completely insulated from the surrounding environment. It consists of a single module of Premium Server RF1 and the CoolSeven cooling unit.  The front and rear doors for the rack is glass or full-metal and create an enclosed space for air circulation between the servers and the cooling unit.  Premium RF1 rack has a load capacity of up to 2000 kg and is designed for the most demanding conditions and applications.  Alternatively, we offer also iSeven rack for less demanding conditions.  The CoolSeven unit is fully compatible with CoolOut outdoor condensing unit that is specially designed for rejecting heat out of data centers. The unit meets all the strict demands on precision, stability, and service life required for data centers.

The MCL system can be complemented with a number of safety features such as access control and monitoring system RAMOS, emergency opening system EOS, extinguishing system LESRACK, and more.






Technical specification

The single module consists of Premium Server RF1 and the CoolSeven cooling unit. It is designed for integration into 19” racks, with a height of seven rack units (7U). The CoolSeven unit operates on the direct expansion principle, circulating the coolant between the indoor and outdoor unit CoolOut. This outdoor unit is equipped with a BLDC inverter compressor with a cooling capacity of up to 8.1 kW.

Mini Data Center with CoolSeven cooling unit can be configured according to the needs of any individual customer and equipped with an emergency door opening system, fire-fighting system, monitoring devices, etc. We always recommend consultation with our technicians to design the right cooling capacity and redundancy level. Each component is checked by our Quality Control Department before delivery.



Detailed Information 

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