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Server Rooms

Whether you are a small or a large company, you need a certain level of IT infrastructure to run your business. To that end, server rooms are a very common method of storing the necessary technology in one place. At the very heart of the server room is the rack, which, together with cooling, cabling, power supply, environmental monitoring, access control, and fire-fighting systems, constitutes the basic building block of a proper IT infrastructure solution. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of physical infrastructure solutions for IT, CONTEG can help you choose the right solution with respect to the type of room and cooling method used.

Scalable Solution with CoolTeg Plus Cooling

Suitable for high-density applications with a cooling power of up to 40 kW . CONTEG Compact Data Center is the perfect solution for installations that use IT equipment with high heat output or as an option to expand existing installations. This compact arrangement is   built on a modular closed-loop system (MCL), which consists of a combination of one or more free-standing racks from the PREMIUM Server series and one or more in-row cooling units from the CoolTeg Plus series.


19" IT Rack with Small Cooling Units

CoolSeven and CoolSpot units are designed to remove low and medium heat loads in individual racks. The products represent a family of precision cooling at the IT rack level of the PREMIUM and OPTIMAL series. We can offer two different cooling principles - the Chilled Water (CW)  version for connection to the building cold water piping system, and the  Direct Expansion (DX)  version with complete compressor circle inside. Especially, CoolSeven cooling units bring economic and financial savings .


19" IT Racks with Ventilation Units

Suitable for racks with a heat load of up to 2,75 kW . Looking for a place to store active networking hardware components of your IT infrastructure, such as patch panels, servers, switches, routers, UPS, etc., when you are a small company or a smart household? CONTEG manufactures and offers 19” free-standing racks and wall-mount racks, along with fans and any other crucial accessories.



Are you building or renovating a server room? Use the services of CONTEG and gain access to high-quality support from our experienced specialists and technicians who will collaborate with you all the way from project planning to handover of a completed server room. Together, we can help you find the best solution that saves you the most time and money.



Why Choose CONTEG?

  • We are a European manufacturer with 20 years of experience.
  • We provide a 15-year warranty on our racks.
  • We have a professional team that keeps pace with the latest trends.
  • We follow strict rules of quality management pursuant to ISO 9001 and environmental management pursuant to ISO 14001.
  • Our products have the following certification: TÜV CZ, UL 50, UL 508.

Realized Projects

Take a look at reference projects from our portfolio. It is likely we have already designed and implemented a solution that suits your needs. And if not, we are ready to design a custom solution just for you.





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