Cooling & Heating Accessories—Outdoor Applications | CONTEG

Cooling & Heating

Many applications related to electrical engineering, automation and machinery require regulated temperatures inside enclosures. We will calculate the required  cooling/heating power needed to maintain a stable temperature for the components installed inside your enclosures. We will also recommend the appropriate type of cooling unit, filter fan unit or heater for your needs.

Thermostat for cooling and heating

Bi-metal thermostats for regulating heating and cooling inside the enclosure.



Hygrostat is a device that switches or controls the heating unit in the cabinet depending on the level of relative humidity.


Pressure Compensator

This device controls inside pressure during changes of outside temperatures.


Drainage device

The device allows to remove the condensate from the enclosure, in applications with high oscillation of ambient temperatures.


Spare Filter Mats

Spare filter mats for fans