Cooling At The IT Rack Level—IT and Telco | CONTEG

In-rack Units

CoolSeven and CoolSpot units are designed to remove low and medium heat loads in individual racks. In spite of floating ambient conditions in the room, units keep the set temperature for IT equipment installed in the cabinet which should be protected against dust and outside humidity (IP 54). Two different cooling principles: Chilled Water (CW)—for connection to the building’s cold-water piping system, and Direct Expansion (DX)—with complete compressor circle inside. Suitable for cooling technology in free-standing racks as well as additional cooling equipment for data centers or server rooms without a sufficient cooling system.


7U tall indoor unit integrated into 19" racks and utilizing a split cooling system composed of two components—an indoor and an outdoor unit.


CoolSpot CW TW

Small air-conditioning unit in Top Mount design for perfect air separation and space-saving in IT room.


CoolSpot CW WW

Small air-conditioning unit in Wall Mount design for double power or better safety thanks to the standby unit.


CoolSpot DX TM

CoolSpot DX TM units are mounted to the rack top cover. This solution is designed for low, medium, and high thermal loads, thanks to its cooling output which can reach as much as 6 kW.


CoolSpot DX WM

CoolSpot DX WM cooling units are installed on the sides of racks, replacing one side panel. These wall-mount cooling units are particularly useful when there is limited ceiling clearance, making it impossible to install top-mounted solutions.