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First Start-Up Service

Start-up service serves for the first commissioning of cooling units or monitoring system and their setting.

The first start-up could be provided only by CONTEG technicians or CONTEG certified partners.


Service includes:

  • Cooling units and monitoring connection check
  • Commissioning
  • Operation optimization, maximizing the energy efficiency
  • Assume the warranty for the device functionality
  • Service training of user and technical personal



The start-up service was designed to provide professional start-up and commissioning services for all types of our cooling equipment while focusing on energy-optimal performance and equipment longevity.  Only Conteg’s technical support personnel or Conteg certified service technicians are allowed to perform the start-up.


Before requesting The start-up service make sure that the following basic steps are completed:

  • All cooling units are mounted and mechanically connected to a rack system
  • All cooling units are connected with the correct power supply
  • All cooling units are connected to the BMS system according to the project
  • All cooling units are electrically grounded
  • Condensation drain leaving the unit is connected to either a drain pipe or pump
  • Depending on the type of system, all cooling units need to be connected to either refrigerant lines or water pipes.  The system must be charged with refrigerant or filled with water only after all the pipes have been pressure tested for any potential leak.
  • Outdoor condenser must be powered with required power supply
  • Warranty certificates need to be available.




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