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19" IT Rack with Small Cooling Units

CoolSeven and CoolSpot units are designed to remove low and medium heat loads in individual racks. The products represent a family of precision cooling at the IT rack level of the PREMIUM and OPTIMAL series. We can offer two different cooling principles - the Chilled Water (CW) version for connection to the building cold water piping system, and the Direct Expansion (DX) version with complete compressor circle inside. Especially, CoolSeven cooling units bring economic and financial savings.

19" IT Rack with CoolSeven Cooling Unit


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19“ IT Rack with CoolSpot Cooling Unit


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Parameters of cooling units CoolSeven with CoolOut Outdoor Condensing Unit CoolSpot
Cooling capacity DX: 0.8 kW – 7 kW

DX: from 0.32 kW up to 5.2 kW

CW: from 2.2 kW up to 6.7 kW
Minimum Cooling Capacity

✔ From 11 % (Hot Gas Bypass: lower tendencies to cycle)

✔ Automatic control of EC ventilators (Controlled from 20% of max. speed) 

✔ Cold and hot zone separation using an air separation frame and blank panels

from 30 % (Frequent short cycles of compressor)

Standard AC ventilators (Without speed control)

Cooled the entire volume of the rack

Capacity regulation

✔ Continous cool air regulation (inverter compressor control)

✔ Fan speed control

Possibility to regulate the temperature on the display of the air conditioning unit

Remote unit monitoring




Inside the IT rack on the rails (7U)

Mounted either onto the top housing of the rack or onto the side panel of the rack

Suitable for

In closed and open rooms

✔ Heat is dissipated by piping out of the room

Optimal for small server rooms and office building

In a ventilated room with forced ventilation

Heat dissipated into the room* 

Optimal for production plants

 * DX solution.  CW solution - the heat is dissipated through a pipe to the chiller.



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